About us

It is well-known that about 30 percent of all prisoners in Russia’s jails did not commit crimes they’d been sentenced for. There’s one more thing that became evident — the tortures in Russian prisons, which really are practiced in dozens of colonies.

Russian institutions including Procecutor’s Office do not react on tens of complains from prisoners. Instead they tend to initiate new cases against people who complain. And of course these prisoners are tortured even more cruel.

The only way to protect them is to hire layers, who will visit prisoners every week to control the situation. Layers can meet their clients and notice if someone is tortured, and complain to mass media. The only thing which can be helpful is public reaction, because Russian institutions are afraid of publicity.

Also the layers try to record the stories of each prisoner. These stories we can collect, check, analyze and publish to achive public attraction to this problem. And also we write dozens of complains in Russian and international institutions, human rights layers and NGOs.