TV journalist reporting on torture in prison brutally detained

RBC TV reporter Vladislav Pushkariov was assaulted and then detained in Nizhny Tagil while filming a report on torture in a local prison called colony №5, Rosbalt reported. In an interview with Rosbalt he said that he «went to Nizhny Tagil to film a report about colony №5, because I got information that prisoners are tortured there» Pushakriov told Rosbalt that after he arrived three armed individuals pushed him and three former prisoners, who were accompanying the journalist, to the ground and then took all three of them into a local police station.

Pushkaryov told Rosbalt: «I was walking around the colony with 3 former inmates when a white minivan arrived. Three armed men jumped out of it and pushed us to the ground. I introduced myself, telling them that I am a journalist for RBC and asked them who they were…They forced us into the minivan and brought us to a police department» «They searched us, emptied our pockets, backpacks, everything. Then we were waiting for witnesses for about 40 minutes, while standing in a pose with the legs split open which I was told about as a way to torture prisoners».

Representatives of the Investigative Committee told Pushkarev that they were detained after the police received an anonymous call saying that suspicious people were walking near the colony and were possibly carrying drugs. The police denied that the journalist was searched. Later Pushkarev and the other detainees were released.