Torture in Yaroslavl, prison IK-1

Ivan Nepomnaschikh, 26-year-old activist, imprisoned for two and a half years ago for participation in protest action in May 2012, was cruelly tortured and beaten in prison.

Ivan Nepomnaschich  spent in prison more than two years, when on April 21 he was cruelly beaten and tortured by jailers in prison-colony 1 (Yaroslavl). He describes the event to the lawyer of “Public Verdict” foundation in the following words:

“They … started to beat me. There were at least 10 masked people there, and they began to beat me all at once. They did this with knowledge, damaging feet purposefully, but they struck also  the waist, and the head, the hands, the face. They beat me, than led me into the corridor and stretched me. The stretch was constantly increased, they pulled my legs in different directions. The pain in my legs was excruciating. … You fall, they raise you, and all begins from the beginning. Then they force you to run…”

Ivan’s lawyer, who interviewed him just after this cruel act of violence, describes his emotional condition as follows: “He isn’t broken at all! He hang in there, he sends a huge greeting to everyone. He says: «There is nothing terrible that couldn’t be withstood.»

Ivan didn’t receive essential medical treatment, his injuries weren’t attested by the prison medical service.

The “Public Verdict” foundation asked ECHR for applying “urgent measures” procedure for the case of Ivan Nepomnaschich and two other prisoners beaten in the same colony, and the demand was fulfilled: ECHR demanded proper assessment and medical treatment for all three victims.