Torture in Sverdlovskiy region

Sverdlovskiy region — Members of public monitoring commitee (PMC) , who deal with inspecting prison colony IK-26, were forced out of the jail building and subsequently detained, Alexei Sokolov, human rights advocate, wrote in his Facebook.

According to Sokolov, human rights advocates Olga Vekovshina and Sergey Zykov were in charge of inspecting the prison colony and set to visit several convicts in punishment cell. Convicts themselves applied for a meeting with their advocates two days before this meeting should have been arranged.

Sergey Zavadsky, head of IK-26, asked the members of PMC to immediately leave the colony, referring to electricity blackout. After the advocates’ refusal to exit the building, some of prison staff forcefully pushed them out the prison. While some attempts to forced them out, both advocates heard voices of convicts, who vigorously requested to see PMC members.

Some time later, Olga and Sergey saw an ambulance arriving at conoly’s entrance. Following the incident several brigades of Federal Service for the Execution of Sanctions appeared at the prison’s gates.

Both Alexey Sokolov and some PMC members turned out to be nearly detained, after they had been asked to get out of their vehicle for so-called safety reasons ( the car had allegedly been mined, according to an anonimous phome call). After the human right advocates were supposedly banned from moving around the prison’s territory.

The PMC are in their turn expressing concearn about a new wave of prison protests and fear that physical assaults against the convicts, carried out by the prison staff,might repeat.