“Torture repertoire» of the Segezh prison IK-7

Here is a “torture repertoire» of the Segezh prison, compiled by Anastasia Zotova, Dadin’s wife, as a result of her intercourse with several prisoners and their relatives.

  1. Stretching – forced splits, resulting in rupture of ligaments. Two jailers hold a prisoners by feet and pull in different directions. After that a victim hardly can walk and can’ sit at all. This occurs in a small corridor of punitive confinement, where there are no cameras.
  2. Hanging. A prisoner is hanged by his wrists. His joints are being turned inside out. After that traces of wristbands stuck into the flash can be seen on the hands of the victim. This torture usually takes place in the inner yard of the prison.
  3. Cold torture. A prisoner is left, almost naked, in the inner yard of the prison. He can run to warm up, but this doesn’t help much. After several hours his body becomes blue from the frost.
  4. Cold torture — 2. A prisoner of punitive compartment is left in the special room with no central heating, with only one jumpsuit and without any worm clothes. It’s impossible to sleep, if you are left like this, and after a while a prisoner begins to suffer from convulsions.
  5. Sinking one’s head into a toilet.
  6. Urine swill.
  7. Threatening with rape (sometimes with taking one’s pants of and ./ or demonstrating the genitals by the supposed rapist.
  8. Beating with hands, feet, sap-stick.
  9. Trampling of a lying prisoner.
  10. Forcing to work (for example, to clean out swine manure) in frost with bare hands.
  11. Forcing to clean toilets in winter cloths. A special soap is foaming and spreading up the walls up to the ceiling. A prisoner is forced to take it off, being in worm clothes in warm wet toilet, for several hours.
  12. The threatening with death or ending to the tuberculosis hospital.