Torture in IK-6 in Kirov

This February we have received a request, from Eduard Gorbunov, whose brother is currently serving his sentence in jail IK-6 in Kirov region. Then we got a fairly detailed story on what happened on January 15th 2017, following the convict’s transfer to IK -6, where Mr Gorbunov was severely beated and phisycaly assaulted with a bat and overheated soldering iron by both certain members of colony staff and some convicted activists.

Later on Nataia Kruglikova, a personal lawyer of the convict, managed to see the man. Gorbunov confirmed tortured, his revelations got filmed. See the link below. In the video the man confessed: right after his arrival at IK-6, he turned out to be exposed to various tortures: he was forced down into snow, was attempted to be strangled, had to spent several hours outside in freezing temperatures, was also repeatedly puched in the back of his head.

One of the conoly members put a stick in his anus, which eventually made Gorbunov become insensible from pain. After regaining his consciousness, Gorbunov found himself dressed in a female wear like healed shoes, bra,cymar and wig. Then the convict was placed in a punishment cell, where one sentenced activist stabbed a soldering iron in the prisoner’s anus and commenced to twist the tool back and forth. Gorbunov has been warned that all mentioned above tortures was «just the beginning».

Under numerous threats to repeat the tortures the convict had to claim all his injuries as a result of his fall in a jail bath. On March 30th 2017 Omtutinsky interdistrict investigation department of Kirov region has rejected to initiate a criminal prosecution over phisycal cruelty Gorbunov has been subjected to. However on April 7th Mr. Samodelkin, an investigator who works at the same department, started a criminal case against Gorbunov charging the man with perjury. P.S. on March 31st we received a new request coming from realtives of another convict from colony IK-6.

They told us that colony staff promiced to rape their jailed relative if he dares to say something against the colony regime. When some activists came to his cell to allegedly rape the man, he attempted to cut his neck and was rushed to hospital. While there, he confessed to his relatives that those people will make their promice come true as soon as he is back to the colony. Currently his relatives are unaware of this man’s whereabout and deprived of opportunity to keep in touch with him as hospital the convict was sent back to IK-6 after the treatment was over. There is still no news on this man.