Short Biography of Ildar Dadin

Ildar Dadin was born on 14 April 1982 in the town of Zheleznodorozhny near Moscow.

Throughout his childhood and youth he was a keen boxer, and won several regional championships in this sport. He enjoyed reading throughout his schooldays. His favourite authors are Jack London, and James Fenimore Cooper. While at secondary school, he became interested in mathematics. His brother Roman says that it didn’t come easily to him, but because of his determination and hard work he did very well. His class teacher even expressed gratitude to his mother,  Nadezhda, for having brought him up so well.

After secondary school Ildar entered the Moscow state institute of steel and alloys, first in the department of economics, but then he switched to metallurgy. He never finished college.

He did his military service in the navy, first in Anapa and then in Vladivostok. He saw enough of the hazing system in the army, but he didn’t give in to the bullying. While serving he also witnessed inhuman corruption: “The sailors get 10 sacks of flour, but the ship’s cook immediately sells eight of them. The lads end up going hungry.”

After his military service he returned home to his parents’ house and lived with his brother and sister. He likes looking after his young nephews and nieces. He worked in banks – with the money he earned he was able to buy his family, a fridge, washing machine and other appliances. He kept himself fit by doing pull-ups in the yard. He thinks that a person should be beautiful in both mind and body.