Another brench of Karelian Gulag

The infamous Prison-7 on Segezha is not the only penitentiary in Karelia known for tortures practiced there. Prison-1, also situated in Karelia, where several prisoners from Prison-7 who complained about tortures were transported, is known for the same kind of criminal practice.

Hereunder we provide excerpts from testimony of the prisoner G.: “I can testify that at the first day of staying in Prison-1 every prisoner is beaten very cruelly by the other prisoners… They bulldoze him, threatening that they will rape him with mop handle… New prisoner is also forced to work at night.  This practice is directly approved and promoted by the commanding officer. The convicted from this prison are eager to see a representative of any human right organization or human-rights ombudsman. But they think that the situation can be changed only at the level of Russian Federation, since they disbelieve regional authorities… I am ready to attest these words, but I am not willing to subscribe this document, since no human right activist come, the prison authorities will revenge me for this testimony”.